This archive collects together evidence of misconduct and is offered as an expression of concern regarding the validity of “mythbusting” research work by Mike Sutton, whilst a criminologist at Nottingham Trent University. His demonstrable incompetence is apparently due to a lack of self-awareness and inability to check his work. His claims on the original use of words and phrases, and the accuracy of evolutionary history and theory, are based on a series of mistakes, yet have found their way into several publications, albeit, none appropriately peer-reviewed. As a consequence, Sutton has misguided fellow academics, as well as public groups, including primary school children. His campaign of misinformation continues.

Whilst those original mistakes may have been largely innocent, when challenged on details of his research, Sutton has been abusive and deceitful. This has resulted in several allegations of misconduct being submitted to his former employer, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), who have refused to make public any relevant information. Their annual reports to a UK Parliamentary Select Committee fail to declare having received those allegations.

The menu and sidebar link to sections detailing evidence of Sutton’s fabrication, falsification, deceit, abuse and personation. Much of Sutton’s abuse is via his Twitter accounts (below).